Application Solutions - Liners

ChemValve offers a full range of injection molded liners, thus allowing the flexibility to handle almost any service condition by providing the most compatible material at the most affordable price. Liner selection should be based on the corrosion resistance of the plastic resin to the flowing media at service temperature and pressure. Please consult our corrosion chart for compatibility. Using the correct liner will insure the productivity and life of the valve.

PPL LinerPPL Polypropylene

• Max Temperature 225 Degrees F. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin exhibiting an excellent balance of corrosion resistance and economy. When injection molded into all our valves, it provides an excellent low cost product for many applications, such as HCI applications and in the water and waste water treatment industry.

• The suitability of polypropylene is highly dependent on the service temperature range. Polypropylene is especially good in ambient temperature applications. This liner has been tested in 37% HCl and been proven to be excellent in this service condition. All PPL liners are dyed blue in all ChemValve products for proper visual identification.

PVDF LinerPVDF KYNAR (Poly-vinylidene fluoride)

• Max Temperature PVDF is a strong hard fluorocarbon resin which 275 Degrees F is thermally stable, non-toxic and has excellent chemical resistance.

• PVDF is especially wellsuited to weak corrosives and slurry service applications found in bleach plants of pulp and paper mills.

• PVDF is the material of choice for chlorine and other halogen containing chemicals. The suitability of PVDF in a given corrosive service is highly dependent on temperature.

• In some cases, PVDF can be substituted for a PFA lining.

• In abrasive applications, PVDF will work better than PFA, due to its resistance to erosion, provided it is chemically compatible with the service.

• The PVDF liners are dyed black in all of ChemValve products for proper visual Identification.

PFA LinerPFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)

• Max Temperature PFA is a higher temperature PFA resin with 400 Degrees F. the same outstanding chemical inertness as PTFE.

• Due to its chemical composition, PFA retains a high amount of mechanical strength at elevated temperatures. PFA liners are semi transparent in all ChemValve products for proper visual identification.

GRPFA LinerGRPFA (Glass Reinforced PFA)

• Max Temperature 400 Degrees F Glass reinforced PFA is a liner material which combines the corrosion resistance of PFA at elevated temperatures with the abrasion resistance quality of PVDF.

• GRPFA is unsurpassed in high temperature slurry applications where virgin PFA or PTFE lined valves cannot withstand erosion.

• These liners are grey to light tan in all of the ChemValve products for proper visual identification.